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Merciless Attack

Do you like the world as it its. Do you want to keep it that way? Do you think you have what it takes to protect our species? How far are you willing to go? I know I am ready and I know I will do everything I can to protect the future of ourselves and our children. Who is the big enemy you would ask? No it is not terrorist, neither is it global worming. It is something that has claimed many lives but humanity has never retaliated in full force. Animals this is who I am talking about. Animals have been the biggest enemy of humanity. If we don?~@~Yt take of them now soon it will be too late. Animals have fought humankind without stopping since the human has emerged on Earth. Their war has been with different successfulness. But weather it is by spreading their nasty diseases or by physically attacking us animals will never stop wage war on us until one side is ultimately destroyed. The reason why animals are so ferocious toward humans is because they cannot accept the fact that humankind is the most superior species on earth not any other kind from the rest of the fauna. The human kind have went through a lot but has always come out on top of things until it finally it reached the top of the food pyramid. Once we reached the top we stopped carrying for protecting our future. And now animals are trying to get us back, with all the means they have.

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