Bears have been recognized as a great threat to humanity internationally. Recently brought to the attention of Americans by the Colbert Report: bears are always ready to strike at people if they can win. Bears have moved to less populated areas where they can operate freely and search for lonely travelers. Unfortunately people think that bears are good and "cute" animals as the teddy bear is a favorite toy for many kids, thus creating a false idea of "friendly bears". The best example of that is Timothy Treadwell, the "grizzly man", who claimed to be friends with the grizzly bears and met his death by a grizzly bear. It is very bad that this point had to be proven with the death of a great adventurer (but lacked a little bit of brains). God forbid I ever see the day a friend of mine kills me and eats me after that. Hopefully this would be a lesson to everyone that nobody can be friends with their enemies, especialy when survival is at stake.

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